Retirement Plan Services

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Fiduciary and Investment Services

Co-Fiduciary Services

  • Co-fiduciary responsibility for investment selection and monitoring
  • Fee-transparent environment

Retirement Plan Committee Development

  • Board resolution
  • Summary of committee responsibilities
  • Identify committee members
  • Review plan terms
  • Review investment, vendor, and service components

Initial and Ongoing Investment Services

  • Create customized Investment Policy Statement
  • Establish parameters (tolerances) for fund inclusion/removal
  • Perform quarterly diagnostic review of current investments
  • Quarterly reporting and meetings with the Investment Committee

Plan Design

Forensic Plan Audit

  • Review/establish objectives for plan
  • Review current design structure, documents and IRS filings vis-à-vis objectives
  • Provide alternative design options, if appropriate
  • Review and evaluate current compliance (testing) fulfillment procedures
  • Analyze financial impact of design changes on organizations and employees
  • Review 408(b)(2) disclosures to determine if they are compliant with new regulations
  • Provide updates on recent tax law changes, and evaluate the effect of these changes on the plan

Plan Provider Services and Management

Current Vendor Review and Fee Audit

  • Determine and analyze current vendor plan/participant expense
  • Discuss and review in detail modern product construction concept, i.e., Required Revenue Model (RRM)
  • Solicit proposals from existing vendor(s) to move to this model

Vendor RFP Search/Selection

  • Prepare and submit RFP language for approval, including a mutual fund analysis
  • Identify and facilitate communications with best suited vendors
  • Arrange finalist presentations, negotiate with vendors and make recommendations
  • Manage the implementation/conversion of the plan(s) to new platform

Independent Vendor Oversight and Management

  • Manage transition and communication/education strategies and schedules
  • Review or establish formal Service Agreement of Service Providers
  • Negotiate service guarantees
  • Review communication strategy, e.g. 404(c)

Employee Communication and Education

Employee / Participant Communication and Education Services

  • Identify organizational goals and measures, and establish written action plan
  • Identify proper tools including distribution media, non-traditional options and vendor resources
  • Develop implementation plan including group and individual meetings, and organization resources
  • Ongoing reviews and modifications of written service agreement
  • Determine if participant outcomes are meeting plan objectives

Why Work With Us?

We Advocate for Our Clients

  • You'll be kept up to date on regulatory changes
  • We're independent—you'll get only the right vendors for your needs
  • Customize plans to meet your organizational goals and employee needs

We're Experienced Retirement Advisors

  • More than 40 years of providing retirement services
  • Average 20 years advisory experience across our team
  • More than $3.8 billion in assets—One of the largest retirement advisory firms in the Northeast

We're ERISA Fiduciary Experts

  • Willing to accept co-fiduciary responsibility
  • Experts in regulatory compliance, vendor oversight, and education and communication
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